C2: Train the Trainer and Taking Charge

Thursday 19th September 2019

Part A: Train the Trainers: Examples from the Highly Specialized Surgical Field of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Further session details to be announced.

Fu-Chan Wei, Director of international Microsurgical Fellowship and Visiting Scholarship,Director of International Program for Master Degree of Science in Reconstructive Microsurgery, Taipei; Taiwan

Part B: Taking Charge: building leadership skills in informal leaders to enhance safety

Charge Nurses as delegates of unit managers are pivotal in ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency in managing care delivery while providing leadership for point of care staff. This presentation will highlight program development in partnership with organisational development, and the evaluation of a Charge Nurse Education program to build leadership capacity with a goal to empower Charge Nurses to be influential leaders. Attendees will learn about the essential leadership skills that are needed to manage the functioning of unit activities.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the methodology of developing a leadership program for informal leaders.

  • Discuss implementation of an informal leadership program.

  • Explain evaluation methods and impact of an informal leadership program.

Marianne Ng, Program Manager, University Health Network; Canada
Sandra, Li-James, Director of Professional Practice, University Health Network, Toronto Western Hospital; Canada