Keynote Three: William Hall, Edward Booty – Seeing our future: how we can learn from aging societies and sustainable healthcare

Friday 20th September 2019

Learning from Japan: The Test Market for the World’s Aging Society

The speed of aging in Japan is unprecedented in world history, with 28% of the total population already aged 65+. And the number of persons already aged 70+ is equivalent to the total population of Australia.
How is Japan addressing this aging tsunami in terms of preparing for a 100- year-old society, innovations in senior-friendly products, use of robotics, managing dementia, and maintaining an economically viable healthcare system? Rapidly aging populations are an issue facing many countries. What can we learn from Japan’s Experience?

Wiliam Hall, President, Ipsos Healthcare; Japan

Keynote: Building Sustainable Healthcare

Digital-first, last-mile primary healthcare: lessons from the Philippines and Cambodia.

  • Understand how a leading social enterprise is transforming healthcare access and enabling Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals, by building public-private partnership models.

  • Learn how to apply quality and monitoring approaches in a low resource, resource limited setting.

  • See how patient incentivisation to take ownership of their care works in practice.

  • Practical takeaways on how to apply this to higher-income settings.

Edward Booty, Founder and CEO, Allied World Healthcare; Singapore