Experience Day 4:Quality Improvement in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Ko Da Pharmaceutical and Taipei City Hospital, Linsen Chinese Medicine and Kunming Branch)

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an established part of the healthcare system in Taiwan, funded by the government and covered by the National Insurance system for patients to access. In the 10 years following the introduction of the National Insurance system, it was estimated around 60% of patients accessed TCM at some point.

The visit will provide an overview of how patients access different services throughout their treatment journey and consider how that affects the delivery of person-centered care. It will also provide participants an opportunity to consider how quality improvement methods from TCM could be applied to Western medicine.

Learning outcomes:

  • Quality management of TCM.

  • Heritage and Innovation in TCM industry.

  • The concepts of TCM and how we deliver TCM medical services and offer international TCM training.

  • How the integrative Chinese and Western Medicine works in our Day Care Service, home care visits, and detoxification.  

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