Experience Day 5: Long term care and social support (Mackay Memorial Hospital and Suang-Lien Elderly Centre)

Wednesday 18th September 2019

MacKay Memorial Hospital
MacKay Memorial Hospital was established in 1880 and now has four branches across Taiwan. As well as premium medical services, the hospitals also focus on long term care services for patients in their communities; from day care through to hospice and palliative services.

Suang-Lien Elderly Centre
Suang-Lien Elderly Centre was established by Suang-Lien Presbyterian church in response to the rapidly growing older population in Taiwan. The centre was built in 2000, and provides facilities such as a church, dining halls, libraries, classrooms and rehabilitation support in a people-centered environment where residents are encouraged to be responsible for their own community.

By participating in this route, participants will learn about the long-term care services of Taiwan, including government policy planning, hospital operations and the role of the care centers.

During the experience day participants will understand:

  • The operation of long-term care services in MacKay Memorial Hospital.

  • The role of community medicine in long-term care services.

  • The role of Home-Based Care in long-term care services.

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