About the International Forum

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare is a biannual gathering of healthcare professionals in quality improvement and patient safety. The International Forum supports and energises the movement for healthcare improvement and connects healthcare leaders and practitioners worldwide to improve outcomes for patients and communities. Read more about us.

The four-day International Forum in April is regularly attended by 3,000 delegates from over 80 countries. With more than 100 sessions, delivered by over 200 international speakers and quality improvement experts, the event brings together practical experiences, studies and skill sets from all over the world. The April event has been taking place every year since 1996 when 300 delegates gathered for the first time in London. The next April International Forum will take place in London, UK, and it will be a shorter three-day event. Find out more.

The new three-day International Forum in September takes place in the APAC region. Having brought together over 1,100 healthcare professionals in its first year, the event offers over 50 sessions and presentations, delivered by local experts and internationally recognised keynotes. The programme is developed in close partnership with regional strategic partners, ensuring that it addresses regional needs. The next September International Forum will take place in Singapore. Find out more.


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