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We streamed live all the keynotes from the main stage at ExCeL London on Thursday 11 April and Friday 12 April

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Here, you can watch the keynotes from this year’s International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in London – see the details and the individual recordings below.

Keynote 1: Community and Equity (with Kedar Mate, Kevin Fenton, Joseph Lyons and Marie Gabriel)

Thursday 11 April 

In our opening session, we considered what our conference theme ‘Together to regenerate health and care’ means in practice. We began with a performance from a local community group, heard from the co-chairs of the programme planning committee, followed by presentations from each of the inspiring speakers below.

Kevin Fenton Senior Public Health Expert and Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Public Health England

Joseph Lyons Chief Executive Officer at West Ham United Foundation, England

Marie Gabriel Chair of the NHS North East London Integrated Care System, Chair of the NHS Race and Health Observatory, and Trustee of West Ham United Foundation

Kedar Mate President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), USA

Keynote 2: What can health and care systems do to mitigate the global climate emergency? (with Anthony Costello and Daze Aghaji)

Thursday 11 April

The healthcare sector is responsible for almost 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and if it was a country it would be the 5th largest polluter in the world. But how do we reduce waste, improve efficiency and decrease carbon footprint while still prioritising safety?

In this keynote session, we heard from Hackney-based climate activist Daze Aghaji on why it’s so important to consider our connection to the planet world, and Anthony Costello, Professor of Global Health and Sustainable Development, on what this means for health and care.

Anthony Costello Professor of Global Health and Sustainable Development, University College London, England

Daze Aghaji Environmental Activist, Regenerative Cultures Advocate, Artist, Speaker, and Essayist, England

Keynote 3: Learning to fail (with Amy Edmondson and Donald M Berwick)

Friday 12 April 

“We used to think of failure as a problem, to be avoided at all costs. Now, we’re often told that failure is desirable – that we must ‘fail fast, fail often’. The trouble is, neither approach distinguishes the good failures from the bad. As a result, we miss the opportunity to fail well.” Amy Edmondson, Right Kind of Wrong: Why Learning to Fail Can Teach Us to Thrive

In our opening keynote on Friday, Amy Edmondson shared key messages from her latest book on the importance of learning to fail. Amy’s talk was followed by a candid conversation with Donald M Berwick on what failure means in health and care systems, and how we can harness the power of failing well to create meaningful change.

Amy Edmondson Harvard Business School, USA

Donald M. Berwick Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), USA

Gabrielle Matthews (facilitator) NHS England, England

Keynote 4: What have we learned, and where do we go next? (with Jason Leitch)

Friday 12 April 

In our final session of the conference, we took the opportunity to reflect on the learning that has taken place over the three days of the International Forum and looked ahead to the new horizons we have created.

We closed the London 2024 conference with an inspirational keynote speech from Jason Leitch from the Scottish Government, Scotland.