Measuring Impact

BMJ and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) are committed to inspiring and supporting you in making a difference.

Add your individual impact reflections

Send us your individual impact reflections from the conference

The canvas above, developed with the Health Foundation Q community, has been created to help you think about your objectives for attending the International Forum in London (10-12 April 2024).

We would love to see your canvas – it will help us plan how to best support you in the future.

Please email a digital copy of the canvas to with the subject line ‘Impact’.

Measuring our impact

Every year, we hear many great stories about the learning attendees have taken home after attending the International Forum and how that has changed the way they work and the outcomes they see.

And now we are keen to start building a real picture of the impact that the International Forum has. For that, we need your help!

We also aim to help organisations and individuals define the impact that the International Forum has on them all year round.

So as well as asking you for your views about the conference in our post-event surveys, we are running a range of activities across the three days in London to work out how we can best support you to improve healthcare wherever you are.

Interviews – You may have seen requests to participate in interviews with our friendly team to find out what impact means to you.

Surveying – We are asking new questions about your objectives in our post-event survey. We are also sending out surveys at 3 and 6 months after the conference to see if your experience at the International Forum is having an impact further down the line.

Organisation-based feedback activity – We are also working with a number of groups and organisations to understand what the impact of the International Forum is for them.