Medical Mavericks: inspire the next generation

Exciting news!

We have teamed up with Medical Mavericks to offer a programme of workshops and activities to inspire the next generation of medics and scientists. 

Registration is now closed

On Wednesday 10 April, this one-off programme will be available for primary school-aged children of our conference delegates.

The sessions are designed for children aged 7-12 years old and will run from 09:00-17:00.

What activities can you expect?

The medical workshop activities include:

  • Record and print an ECG from your heart
  • Use a real needle to take fake blood from a dummy arm
  • Try their hand at keyhole surgery
  • See inside their body with an ultrasound machine (we show them their muscles, bones and growth plates!)
  • Scan their retina with a ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone
  • Listen to their pulse with a pulse doppler
  • See their veins under a vein scanner
  • Experience different eye diseases with our pathology goggles
  • Take basic medical observations including, blood pressure, oxygen level and temperature


These will be split across two workshops in the morning, with a senses session to follow.

What is a senses session?

The senses session is an interactive experience where students get to try experiments on each other during the show. We show you how – you try it out – we explain the science! You’ll explore your senses and quirks of the human body with 9 amazing experiments. No special kit needed!

  • Stick your ring fingers together
  • Discover if your arm has evolved differently to each other
  • Find your blind spot (yes you have a blind spot!)
  • Test your pupil (eye) reflexes
  • See what is more important for taste – your tongue or nose?
  • Make your arms float up or sink into the floor (very weird!)
  • See your friends head grow or shrink
  • See colour images in your after vision
  • Test your hearing frequency range


In the afternoon we will mix it up with some fun sports activities and some interactive quizzes on the Medical Workshops.


For those needing childcare during the course of the International Forum, here a few suggested registered providers to consider.

Name Website
Hotel nanny
My Kiddy