To better understand our impact, and make effective changes, we are working with Carbon Consultancy to measure our event carbon footprint and identify practical ways to reduce it further.

Help to reduce our carbon footprint...

We are looking for ways we can reduce our footprint in 2023, and beyond. This is estimated to be around 1700 tonnes.

This year, you might see some small changes at the event, including:

● Swaps to menu items to reduce their impact – for example, swapping out high-carbon foods like beef and lamb for lower-carbon meats and more veggie options. We’re also reducing the amount of chocolate we are serving. Did you know a slice of cake with chocolate in it has 5 times the footprint of a slice of cake without?

● We’re cutting down on giveaways like pens and event guides. These will still be available if you need them, but we’re taking our event guide online, meaning less carbon, less waste and less to carry around.

● We’ll also be doing lots of observations to make sure we gather information which will help us to reduce our footprint in 2024 and beyond. MCEC has built sustainability into their operations. From small changes like switching to reusable cups, to saving food waste from landfill, the venue has measures in place which mean the footprint of this event is reduced.

How can I do my bit?

We will make it as easy as possible to be sustainable at this event, but there are a few ways you can make less impactful choices and do your bit to tackle the climate emergency:

Getting from the airport

There are shuttles you can take from the airport to the city centre, which are more sustainable (and may be cheaper) than taking a taxi. If you can’t avoid a car, find a friend. If you’re taking a taxi, be that to and from the airport or around the city, find a buddy to share with. This will half your impact and the cost. If you are driving to the event, find someone to car share with.

Getting around Melbourne during the conference

If you can take public transport, go for it! Try taking public transport or walking if you need to get around. Trams are free within the Melbourne CBD Free Tram Zone. It’s tempting to go by taxi, but the emissions from a taxi are 2.5 times higher than taking the train the same distance.

Bring your Own

We’d like to encourage you to bring your own pen, notepad and drink bottle. This seems like a small change but if everyone at the event brings their own, this could save several tonnes of carbon by saving the resources and waste needed to give out notebooks and pens.


Many hotels are now promoting a sustainable service: keeping your towels for the duration of your stay (if it is a short one), setting up the air con at a higher setting: 22°C is very pleasant, switching off all devices overnight… We invite you to follow their suggestions.

After the event!

To help us with our calculations after the event and support our journey for future years, we’ll be sharing a survey with you all following the conference. We’d really appreciate your support in completing the short survey to help us understand things like how you travelled to the event and where you stayed.