Fredrik Tjulander

Fredrik Tjulander, Registered Nurse, Suicide Zero; Sweden

Registered Nurse, Suicide Zero; Sweden

Fredrik is a Registered Nurse and he’s diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. During his time as a patient, he and his family went through most of the consequences of mental illness. Except completed suicide. Before he got sick, he worked as project leader in primary care and developed cross-professional care flows, that were followed up and evaluated, with health economic models.

A few years after his recovery, he became involved in Suicide Zero. Based on that commitment, Fredrik participates in TV and radio programs, newspapers, scientific magazines, conferences and films.

Today, Fredrik works as a Registered Nurse in an Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, and is the Head Supervisor for students at his Clinic.

At Management Level in his Region, he is the convener of a cross organizational project to prevent ill health, suicide attempts and suicide, in the group with mental illness, who are financially vulnerable and over-indebted.