Programme recommendations for improvement leaders

For this year’s International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare Gothenburg 2022, we have put together a series of programme recommendations to help you get the most out of the content and activities that are on offer.



Our recommendations for improvement leaders

Some of the programme will be of specific interest to those leading quality improvement (QI) at organisational, system or national level. They will tackle key challenges such as workforce, as well as look deeper into new methodologies to support scale and the spread of change.

All sessions below are targeted at those with leadership roles in improvement and will include opportunities to meet practitioners from different types of organisations and countries across the world. Our recommendations include a mixture of workshop and lecture-based content.

Monday 20 June 2022

M6: How to build a holistic management system to create reliability and inspire innovation

This is a must-attend workshop that will expose you to advanced leadership thinking and strategies. You will hear from Amar Shah from East London NHS Foundation Trust in England who will talk about moving away from QI being an add-on, to truly embedding it within daily work.

You will also benefit from Virginia Mason’s twenty-year experience in developing leaders who can lead large, complex change. Gary S. Kaplan and Wendy Korthuis-Smith from Virginia Mason Franciscan Health will share a framework and tools for developing system leaders.

Tuesday 21 June 2022

There will be an invitation-only meet up for QI leaders taking place on the second day of the International Forum (Tuesday). Further details, including how to apply for a place, will be added to this page shortly.

Other recommended sessions include:

A1: Creating tomorrow today; tackling the dilemmas at the heart of transformational change

Join Göran Henriks and Helen Bevan for this provocative session and identify some of the big dilemmas in creating tomorrow today.

A5: Leading in complex systems

IHI President and CEO Kedar Mate and IHI President Emerita and Senior Fellow Maureen Bisognano will reflect on what they have learned about leadership and building resilient teams.

C2: Communicating for Behaviour Change – how can we help people to do things differently?

Join this session with Selina Stephen to understand the main learning points from Scotland’s pandemic communications and be able to then translate this learning into practical use for your own improvement work.

Wednesday 22 June 2022

BR1: Whole system quality leadership (breakfast session hosted by IHI)

This panel discussion with Amar Shah and Pedro Delgado will focus on the development of a framework to help your organisation and Board focus on all aspects of quality. International experts will answer questions and lead a robust discussion about the future of quality leadership.

D3: Rest and recovery post-covid: a necessary step for quality

Take part in this workshop with Helen Bevan and Christina Krause and explore how quality improvement can play a pivotal role in people recovery and service recovery.

F8: How do they do that? Using Appreciative Enquiry to Develop Safety Culture

Join this workshop and find out how to practically provide support to teams to generate and nurture effective safety culture.

Why join us in Gothenburg

Covid-19 placed unprecedented stress on healthcare systems across the globe, with the recovery of people and healthcare services one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders.

Join us in Gothenburg to have the chance to:

  • Explore the role of QI in post-pandemic recovery
  • Hear insights about using QI to address complex problems and large scale change programmes
  • Learn about communication that inspires positive behaviour
  • Understand and support effective safety culture in teams, organisations and systems
  • Find networks to exchange strategies with and to drive improvements in safety, quality and experience of care.