A1: Creating tomorrow today;
tackling the dilemmas at the heart of transformational change

Tuesday 21 June 2022 | 11:00-12:15

Format: Presentation
Stream: Building Capability and Leadership
Content filters: Recommended for those new to quality improvement

Across the world, leaders are seeking a radically different health and care system for the future: one that promotes health, that addresses health inequity, that regards patients and families as equal members of the care team. This means confronting some big dilemmas at the heart of change; building new structures yet giving people power and autonomy; standardising care, yet personalising care; creating small changes that add up to big changes. In this provocative session, Helen and Göran will identify actions we can take to navigate the complex situations we face today in order to create a different system for tomorrow.

After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify some of the big dilemmas in creating tomorrow today

  • Reframe the questions we are asking about making change happen

  • See the big picture and search for new possibilities

Göran Henriks, Qulturum; Sweden

Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons; England