In Partnership with Patients

The International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare welcomes patients, carers and service users to the conference.

Below you will find some of the opportunities we are offering at this year’s International Forum in Gothenburg.

Patient funding application

Applications for funded places for patients, carers and service users to join us at the International Forum are now closed.

PEP Square

PEP is an abbreviation for Professional Experienced Person, a term for highlighting the important knowledge and experience that exists in patients, carers and service users.

At the International Forum, we will have The PEP Square – a central meeting space located in the exhibition hall where all conference visitors can come with questions and thoughts about person-centred care, patient participation and how quality improvement is strongest when it involves service users.

In the PEP Square, there will be the chance to share and hear good examples of co-creation from Sweden and internationally. There will also be a wall to write down thoughts and ideas on the theme “This matters to me”, a change of the concept “What matters to you”.

PEP Square is a meeting place for important discussions but also a place for enthusiasm!

Patient Choice Awards

This year, we will be running our first ever Patient Choice Awards. The Patient Choice Award is an award given out for the first time at the International Forum 2022 in Gothenburg to highlight the importance of including a genuine patient perspective in healthcare quality improvement work. A jury of patient delegates will assess sessions in the conference that have at least one patient co-presenter based on criteria relating to content, format and wow-factor. The presenters of the session with the highest rating will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference.

This Matters to Me!

Join attendees in the concept of ‘What matters to me’ by collecting a pin from the PEP square.