M6: How to build a holistic management system to create reliability and inspire innovation

Monday 20 June 2022 | 13:30-16:15

Format: Workshop
Stream: Quality, Cost, Value

(Part A) Beyond QI – how to build a holistic management system for quality

How often are quality improvement projects seen as separate to the way our teams function? How do we move from QI being an add-on, to being truly embedded within daily work?

This session will describe how to adopt a quality management system at team and service level, integrating quality improvement into a holistic approach to quality.

We will explore how different members of a healthcare team, including patients, can contribute to all aspects of quality management, and identify key tools and tenets for each of the four functions within the quality management system: planning, assurance, control and improvement.

Amar Shah, East London NHS Foundation Trust; England

(Part B) Creating a Learning Organization: Developing leaders to create reliability and inspire innovation

In today’s environment, an organization’s learning agility is crucial to its success. Learning organizations require leaders to have a system view where both the social and technical aspects of change are addressed.

Using Virginia Mason’s twenty-year experience developing leaders who can lead large, complex change, we will share a framework and tools for developing system leaders. It will include our approach to building daily management leader routines to solve day to day problems and support reliability, as well as innovation techniques that are built into training and visioning events to inspire breakthrough solutions.

Gary S. Kaplan, CommonSpirit Health; USA

Wendy Korthuis-Smith, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health; USA