B4: The future is digital? Two perspectives from Sweden

Tuesday 21 June 2022 | 13:15-14:30

Format: Presentation
Stream: Building Capability and Leadership
Content filters: Includes examples of using technology to enable change, Co-presented with patients, service users or carers

(Part A) Hospital-wide boost for digitalization and digital competence at Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Digitalisation carries promises of simplified administration, improved service, and comprehensive support systems for care professionals. However, transformation to a digitalized healthcare does not happen by itself. Care professionals need to acquire new competencies and overcome initial resistance to change old ways of working.

To approach this challenge, the Sahlgrenska University Hospital has undertaken a broad-ranging boost for digitalization. Several activities to improve digital competence for all employees and support development work have been initiated in this multi-year digitalization journey.

Christian Colldén, Sahlgrenska University Hospital; Sweden

(Part B) Death to books, hail to instant knowledge support

Books still have their place in learning, but today people expect to have instantly accessible knowledge. In the Region of Stockholm we work aggressively on delivering support at point of care but we also see the challenges – come and listen to our experiences and contribute in the discussions. Is blood pressure the same for a cardiologist as for a psychiatrist? Is our EHR modern enough to support clinical pathways?

Ameli Norling, County Council of Stockholm, Health and Medical Care Administration Stockholm; Sweden

Anette Falkenroth, Knowit; Sweden