C1: Acting with kindness is central to delivering high quality care

Tuesday 21 June 2022 | 15:00-16:00

Format: Presentation
Stream: Quality, Cost and Value
Content filters: Co-presented with patients, service users or carers, Recommended for those new to quality improvement

Kindness needs to be at the business end of healthcare, yet too often we see the disastrous impact of leaders paying too little attention to the impact their behaviour has on others. Without kindness being front and centre to how we act, we don’t believe systems can deliver high-quality (or high value) care.

In this interactive session, we will go beyond theory to explore and test what it means to be kind to patients, relatives, and the people we work with—and how to do it. We also invite delegates to join a growing global “movement”, exploring and promoting kindness.

After this session, participants will:

  • Think differently about kindness, and have a clear understanding as to why it is so central to quality and safety in healthcare

  • Feel mobilised and equipped to act as role-models and advocates for kindness within their teams, organisations & healthcare systems

  • Have ideas, methods, and tools which they can use to test to grow a culture of kindness in their work

  • Have the opportunity to participate in a “movement” for kindness emerging from the Forum

Bob Klaber, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; England

Suzie Bailey, The King’s Fund; England

Gabrielle Anne-Marie Mathews, NHS England; England

Göran Henriks, Qulturum; Sweden

Anette Nilsson, Region Jönköping County; Sweden

James Mountford, Royal Free London NHS FT; England

Maureen Bisognano, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI); USA

Dominique Allwood, UCLPartners; England