L4: The Quality Imperative: foster the conditions for care

Wednesday 22 June 2022 | 12:30-13:00

Format: Workshop
Stream:  Building Capability and Leadership

Healthcare has stopped caring. Care for, about, and with patients and staff is not a universal part of our health systems despite some efforts witnessed through pandemic. In this session, we describe the ‘pathologies’ of industrialised healthcare and we pose an alternative: careful and kind care for all. This session is directed at healthcare improvers who want to play their part in radically changing healthcare, shifting from activity focused on efficient processing of patients and backlogs to that of caring. This session will feature a brief presentation of key concepts, followed by an interactive discussion on how participants can place care at the center of their improvement activities. We will offer opportunities to reflect, share ideas and think differently about our work and the ability to make changes towards more careful and kind care for all in our own health systems. This session builds on our BMJ Leader article, widely acclaimed book ‘Why We Revolt’ and the work of The Patient Revolution and others on this topic.

Victor Montori, Mayo Clinic; USA

Dominique Allwood, Health Foundation; England