Inge Kristensen

Inge Kristensen, CEO, Danish Society for Patient Safety; Denmark

CEO, Danish Society for Patient Safety; Denmark

Inge is a long-standing manager with experience from the social and health sector and research institutions in the municipal, regional and state sector. Inge has worked as a consultant, has been Head of the Social Services and Health Care in a municipality and before that the head of Development and Quality in a hosptial region. Inge has achieved significant results with the establishment and implementation of innovative cross-sectoral cooperation in the health field and in complex projects within quality development – which both save money and increase quality. A wide and deep knowledge of many sector areas enables Inge to navigate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions that use inspiration from Denmark and abroad. Inge works with the development of Danish Society for Patient Safety roles as a catalyst and integrator in the health care system, and where professionalism and strategy must be connected. Constant improvements have been a red thread through Inge’s working life, along with a focus on the user / patient perspective.