BR5: How do we solve the shortage of nurses and ensure
public health and patient safety globally and nationally?

Wednesday 22 June | 08:00-09:00

Format: Workshop
Stream: Building Capability and Leadership

Organizer: Vårdförbundet (the Swedish Association of Health Professionals) is the trade union and professional organisation of four registered professions; nurses, midwives, biomedical scientists and radiographers.

All nurses attending the International Forum are invited to join this panel discussion on how we solve the shortage of nurses and promote better patient safety outcomes on a global scale.

The session will feature a presentation by Maureen Bisognano (IHI), and panelists will include Charlotta George, Chief Nurse Officer from Sweden and Liv Heidi Brattås Remo, Chief Nurse Officer from Norway. 

Moderator: Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons; England

Chair: Maureen Bisognano, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI); USA

A welcome greeting will be delivered by Sineva Ribeiro, President, Vårdförbundet in Sweden.


Charlotta George, Chief Nurse Officer; Sweden

Liv Heidi Brattås Remo, Chief Nurse Officer; Norway

Dorthe Boe Danbjørg, Vice President, Danish Nurses’ Organisation; Denmark