M2: Consumer and Collaborative Leadership
– the new frontier of healthcare improvement, transformation, and change

Sunday 24 July 2022 | 14:30-16:00

Format: Workshop
Stream: Person and Family-Centred Care
Content filters: Co-presented with consumers, service users or carers

This workshop will involve participants in a facilitated exploration of directions and trends in consumer leadership in the international and national context. It will discuss the capacity building required for consumers and professionals to recognise and implement leadership and the potential that it presents in both Australian and international healthcare systems.

This workshop is a must-attend for anyone interested in:

  • defining the systemic role consumer leadership and insights can play in health care improvement

  • learning about an innovative program that supports both consumers and clinicians to engage in authentic collaborative practice

  • recommending cultural and organisational shifts required to support collaborative practice and consumers in leadership roles.

Debra Kay, Collaborative Pairs Australia; Australia

Jennie Parham, Jennie Parham Consulting; Australia

Leanne Wells, Consumers Health Forum; Australia