Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan

We have put together an overview of the safety measures we will have in place in Sydney to reduce the risks still presented by covid-19. The advice provided below was last updated on 5 May 2022 and is subject to change. Please familiarise yourself with the steps below and please check this page before your arrival as we continue to update it in accordance with the evolving government guidance:

Covid-19 Event notice for all delegates

BMJ and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) are committed to protecting visitors to events. We have considered the vital impact that International Forum attendees falling ill may have on the management of healthcare and the outcomes for patients in addition to guidance issued by the New South Wales Government and accordingly, we have put in place the following safeguards.

On arrival

In accordance with guidance issued by the New South Wales Government, on your arrival at the event, we will ask you:  

We recommend that you check-in using the COVID Safe Check-In Service 

The NSW QR Code allows you to be notified in the event that another attendee (who attended the venue around the same time as you) tests positive for COVID-19. It enables NSW to continue their current contact tracing procedures. On entering the venue you will be asked to ‘check in’ by either:

(a) scanning one of the QR codes located at the venue entrances using the NSW App;


(b) filling out the Service NSW webform online (if you do not have access to the Service NSW App on your phone);


(c) presenting your Covid-19 Check-In Card for scanning by our staff; OR (d) using the paper-based check-in method available at the venue entrances. For further information about how to ‘check-in’ please refer to the New South Wales Government website.


Please read the NSW check in privacy notice.

During the event

We ask you to be mindful of the risks to delegates, their colleagues, families and patients, and to adhere to the following precautionary measures during the event:

Masks   If you are able to wear a face covering during the event, we recommend that you do so.
Hand sanitising   Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the event. Please use it where possible. If hand sanitiser runs out, please notify a member of the International Forum staff.
Social distancing   We ask that you be mindful of others and respect social distancing during the event.

International Travellers

If you are travelling to the event from a territory outside of New South Wales in Australia then you may need to comply with additional restrictions and prohibitions affecting internal and international travel. Before departing please ensure that you are aware of the latest requirements and how it will affect your travel arrangements to the event:

Arriving in New South Wales   Please ensure you are aware of the New South Wales Government requirements for entry into New South Wales. The following websites may be helpful to you:

We recommend that you continue to regularly check the latest guidance in the lead up to (and immediately before) your scheduled departure.

Departure and return to your country of origin   Please ensure you are aware of any requirements which may be applicable for your return journey to your country of origin. We recommend that you continue to regularly check the latest guidance in the lead up to (and immediately before) your scheduled departures. If your journey includes a stop in another country, you should take account of any requirements for transit through that country.
Airlines and other passenger services   Please ensure that you check with your airline or other travel service for any requirements that they may have as a condition of using their services.

Further updates

You will appreciate that the current covid-19 situation is constantly evolving. We continue to follow Government event guidance and will continue to update delegates accordingly in the lead up to our event.