E4: Creating a culture of safety

Tuesday 26 July 2022 | 13:15-14:30

Format: Workshop 
Stream: Building Capability and Leadership
Content filters: Features discussion on improvement methodology

(Part One): Commitment to a speaking up and professional accountability culture is critical to achieving zero preventable harm

Hear how a commitment to speaking up and professional accountability is achieving remarkable patient outcomes across a multicultural workforce for Ramsay Health Care globally. With more than 110 hospitals and 77 000 staff and Visiting Medical Officers across four countries, Ramsay Health Care is successfully tackling preventable patient harm through a speaking up and professional accountability culture.

Ramsay Health Care, in partnership with international healthcare education provider, Cognitive Institute, implemented an evidence based professional accountability programme to address behaviours that undermine a culture of safety.

Chanelle McEnallay, Ramsay Health Care; Australia

Stephen Priestley, Cognitive Institute; Australia

(Part Two): Happier Workers, Healthier Patient

Intuitively, we know that if we are well, in a work environment that supports us to do our best work the organisational outcomes are better. Utilising data from the Victorian People Matters Survey (2013-2018), insurance claims data form the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency (VMIA) and Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs) data from almost all Victorian health services clear correlations exist. For instance; the higher the employee engagement score the lower the insurance cost per claim, similarly the lower the number of HACs.

The outcomes of this work has implications for health system leaders as it presents potential led indicators to quality and safety outcomes, made even more important with the current depletion and exhaustion in health care workers globally.

Robyn Hudson, Safer Care Australia; Australia