F1: Systems Management: From thinking to practice

Tuesday 26 July 2022 | 15:00-16:00

Format: Presentation
Stream: The Big Picture
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(Part One) Evolving whole system safety quality in Victoria 

The focus is on the challenges within and outside the health system, the need to rethink safety and improvement and to evolve into a learning health system will be a key focus of this session.

Safer Care Victoria (SCV) is the Victorian safety and improvement agency created in 2017 as a recommendation from an investigation into a number of preventable baby deaths in one of the state’s health services, targeting zero. Since that time the Agency has created a reputation for supporting health services challenged by safety and care quality who report preventable harm after it has occurred.

Five years after its creation there is no single failing health service, but preventable harm and deaths continue across the system. SCV is now reforming to use its implementation expertise to intervene upstream to prevent rather than report and recommend following harm occurrence. We hope to learn from others who have already trodden this path.

Mike Roberts, Safer Care Victoria; Australia

(Part Two) Complexity and System Management

Health Care is in a transformative wave where many components need to be improved and innovative at the same time. Patients and people employed in the system percept the change as challenging and hard to understand.

The competence of system management and a positive leadership that fronts the question “What can be” becomes crucial to reduce negative tensions and contradictions. New images and narratives need to be developed. In this session, we will explore this together.

Göran Henriks, Qulturum; Sweden