Jim Mackie

Jim Mackie, Acting Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)

Acting Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC); Australia

Dr Jim Mackie is currently the Acting Chief Executive of Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). He is a renal physician with more than 30 years’ experience as a clinician and clinician/manager.

Prior to joining the CEC (as Medical Director Patient Safety) he was the Medical Executive Director for SESLHD. In this role he was a contributor to the LHD’s patient safety program “Towards Zero Together”. He was the executive sponsor of eMeds roll out and also led work on medical engagement, developing the LHD research strategy, and implementation of the Service Rationalisation Project.

At the CEC Jim’s patient safety work has a focus on safety intelligence. He leads the Data and Analytics Team who develop and maintain electronic platforms such as QIDS and QARS which provide improvement tools, data analysis and visualisation for clinical teams and their managers.