Steve Bowden


Associate Director for Patient Safety, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC): Australia

Steve is the Associate Director for Patient Safety at the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). In this role he coordinates the patient safety team to review and respond to patient safety incidents within NSW. Using a data-focussed approach Steve works with clinicians, managers and staff to access,interpret and apply patient safety data across the continuum of care to improve patient outcomes and clinical governance processes. Steve is an experienced health professional with nearly 20 years of working within NSW Health. Steve began his career as a clinical dietitian and worked across a range of clinical areas including critical care, surgery and sub-acute care.

He has worked in high level leadership and management roles for over a decade including Head of Discipline for Nutrition and Dietetics (ISLHD), Allied Health Data Manager (SESIAHS), Clinical Efficiency and Evaluation Manager (SESLHD), Manager of Healthcare Improvement Analytics (SESLHD) and Clinical Lead for Safety Intelligence at the CEC.