Charlotte Verner Rossing

Charlotte Verner Rossing, Pharmakon, Danish College of Pharmacy Practice

Director of Research and Development; Pharmakon, Danish College of Pharmacy Practice, Denmark

Charlotte Rossing MSc, PhD (Pharm), FFIP, HM PCNE. She is the Director of Research and Development at Pharmakon, The Danish College of Pharmacy practice. Her focus is on research, development and implementation of pharmaceutical care in pharmacy practice. Furthermore, she is responsible for the continuing professional development for pharmacy workforce. She has been on the Board of Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) 2011-2018, acting as chair 2014-2016. She is in the steering committee of the Special Interest Group of Pharmacy Practice Research under FIP, from 2019 she acts as co-chair.

Research topics:
Safe and effective medication (compliance and adherence).
Mentalizing, a method of enhancing counselling
Patient and medication safety in primary care
Clinical pharmacy in residential- and nursing homes
Medication reviews, deprescribing and counselling
Implementation of pharmaceutical care services
The future professional role of pharmacy
The professional role of pharmacy technicians