Programme recommendations for those new to QI

For this year’s International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare Copenhagen 2023, we have put together a series of programme recommendations to help you get the most out of the content and activities that are on offer.



Our recommendations for those new to QI

Whether you are at the start of your Quality Improvement (QI) journey or just want to brush up on the basics, this is a great way to get to grips with the core methodology, as well as getting a taste of the key debates across different topic areas in the field.

On the first day of the conference (Monday) you will begin with an interactive workshop that will provide you with an introduction on everything you need to know about quality improvement. It will also give you an opportunity to connect to others who are also starting out on their improvement journey.

During the main two conference days (Tuesday and Wednesday) you will get a taster of different themes, covering everything from data to co-creation, flow and equity.

All sessions that we have recommended below are suitable for those with no formal training or background in quality improvement. These sessions will be an opportunity to meet established QI practitioners as well as other beginners. We have a mixture of workshop and lecture-based content.

Monday 15 May 2023

W2: Rewiring our approach to safety: Building capacity for patient safety with patients

This stimulating session from Healthcare Canada and Patient Safety Canada will question and discuss ‘how safe is your care?’ and share patients and care partners’ perspectives on the five dimensions of safety from the Framework.

W8: How to lead large scale change in a rapidly changing environment

Join NHS Horizons in this half day workshop which will help you think about how to lead change, exploring novel approaches to engagement, community building, governance & learning and considers how to use them in integrated ways to support large scale change.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

A4: Silver radicals present 10 lessons from 20 years in QI and large-scale change

Join three world renowned quality improvement pioneers as they share their insights from 20 years of experience in developing QI and operating large scale change programmes across the UK, US and Sweden.

A5: What is safety netting? Come and practice safety netting in real life

Develop your skills and meet with other improvers from around the world at this interactive workshop.

B1: Co-designing in partnership with patients

During this three part presentation, you’ll learn about three different initiatives from England, Scotland and the Netherlands on their approaches to actively engaging with patients, carers and families to co-design improvement initiatives in patient safety and rebuild trust following an adverse event.

B5: What next after Covid-19?

This two-part session will explore the concept of quality post Covid-19, what it means for the future of healthcare and hear from community actors on how they are improving population health and reaching vulnerable groups with a place-based approach.

C2: Experience based co-design

Join speakers from the Netherlands and Wales as they share their insight into developing participatory quality improvement and patient report outcomes with vulnerable client groups such as people with intellectual disability or serious mental illness.

C8: The infrastructure of improvement

Speakers from NHS England and East London NHS Foundation Trust lead this workshop on how to build infrastructure around improvement and share insight from NHS England’s work with patients and stakeholders to co-design an NHS improvement approach that can be embedded across every level of the health service.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

D1: A sustainable healthcare system

Sustainability is a central theme for this year’s Forum, join our speakers from the Scottish Government and Scotland’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society as they discuss the steps they are making towards achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

L4: Showing effect of quality improvement using digitalized audit 

Hear from Ulrik Krogh on how Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest municipality, works with healthcare improvements through automated effect calculation and visualization of QI-efforts.

E3: Developing a whole systems approach to integrated care

This three-part session brings together speakers from England, Australia and Wales as they discuss how to build a whole system approach to quality across integrated care.

F7: An enterprise approach to quality: understanding roles and structures for dedicated quality teams

Join Amar Shah and Jeff Rakover as they outline key considerations for quality team structures, innovative approaches to engaging patients and offer participants the opportunity to share their own experiences.

F8: When the professional becomes a patient, changing perspective improves healthcare

Take part in this thought-provoking and interactive workshop from healthcare professionals at Jeroen Bosch Hospital in the Netherlands as they share their learning of using real stories and tools to better understand the needs and wants of patients.


Why join us in Copenhagen?

Participation in quality improvement can help clinicians and trainees improve care together and develop important professional skills. The benefits to patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers of engaging in quality improvement are considerable.

If you are just starting on your quality improvement journey, then join us in Copenhagen to:

  • Learn the basics to develop your QI skills
  • Gain practical knowledge on how QI principles and methodology can be used to address challenges both in specific areas and complex problems
  • Get examples and advice on how to use data visualisation to effectively communicate information
  • Participate in a ‘movement’ for kindness and consider why kindness is central to quality and safety
  • Get inspired to persevere and build up on the skills you acquire
  • Meet with other improvers from across the world