The Improvement Science content stream in Copenhagen

The new Improvement Science Symposium stream

For a number of years, the Improvement Science Symposium has been a part of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. Typically presented as a one-day programme, the Symposium aimed to bring together researchers and healthcare professionals to discuss how the latest innovations in scientific methodology can be used to transform outcomes for patients.

At this year’s International Forum in Copenhagen, we are expanding the Improvement Science Symposium into a conference stream, with sessions taking place over the two main conference days.

As part of this Improvement Science Symposium stream, there will be presentations of both invited and submitted work.

The theme of the International Forum in Copenhagen is Adapting to a changing world: equity, sustainability and wellbeing for all. The purpose of the Improvement Science Symposium stream is to bring together academics and practitioners working in the Quality Improvement space to demonstrate and discuss new practices and applications of improvement and a healthcare evaluation methodology.

The sessions for this stream are now confirmed – filter our sessions by stream (choose stream Improvement Science Symposium) to see them or have a look at the session listings below.