W7: Health inequality. What is it? What is the impact? How can we avoid it?

Monday 15 May | 13:30-16:15

Format: Half day workshop
Stream: Population and public health
Content filters: Co-presented with patients, service users or carers

Health inequalities is a comprehensive challenge that continuously has been associated with differences in quality of care and patient safety, regardless of whether the differences are based on geography, demographic characteristics or socio-economic position. But what does the concept of ´health inequality´ actually cover? How does the patient experience inequality? And how do we handle health inequalities? In this session, we will discuss the determinants that influence health inequality. An emphasis will be put on the inequalities that emerge in the patient’s interaction with the healthcare system. A patient’s perspective will be included, and potential solutions debated. 

After this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the determinants of health and healthcare that influence health inequality.

  • Have an insight into inequalities in quality of clinical care, based on the comprehensive clinical registries in the Danish healthcare system.

  • Inspiration on how to identify and address health inequalities.

Søren Valgreen Knudsen, Danish Center for Clinical Health Services (DACS) Aalborg University; Denmark

Professor Jan Mainz, Psychiatry Region North Denmark; Denmark

​​Maria Adele Bonde, The Psychiatric Peer-Board in Region North Denmark; Denmark

Søren Paaske Johnsen, Danish Center for Clinical Health Services (DACS), Aalborg University; Denmark