Ian Leistikow

Inspector at the Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate. Professor at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Ian Leistikow is an inspector and advisor at the Dutch Health & Youth Care Inspectorate and professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam where he does research on governmental regulation of healthcare quality. He is a non-practicing physician. He was the coordinator of the patient safety program within the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 2003 to 2011. He has set up various patient safety related trainings, has published multiple articles about patient safety and co-authored a Dutch book on Root Cause Analysis. In 2010 he published his PhD thesis on how the Board of Directors can lead patient safety improvements. Since 2011, Ian works at the Dutch Health & Youth Care Inspectorate. There his tasks have included judging the quality of sentinel event analysis reports from hospitals and coordinating the Dutch national set of quality indicators for hospitals. In 2011 Ian became a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. In 2017 CRC Press published his book “Prevention is better than cure”, on learning from adverse events in healthcare.