S2: Near real time patient safety data to clinical teams across NSW

Sunday 24 July 2022 | 14:30-15:15

Format: Workshop
Stream: Improvement methods
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This session will provide an overview of the Quality Improvement Data System (QIDS) which operates across NSW. Participants will hear of the mechanisms to get benchmarked, near real time safety and quality data to clinicians and managers across the state. Clinician engagement in improvement work though this one stop shop for safety data will be examined in the context data driven morbidity and mortality meeting initiatives. The value of near real time data will be demonstrated.

The workshop is ideal for those with interest in using safety data to drive improvement initiatives.

Jim Mackie, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC); Australia

Felicity Gallimore, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC); Australia

Steve Bowden, Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC); Australia